benefits of a profile home

Our Process

Designed with you in mind

Our process was designed to meet the flexibility of our home plans while maintaining a fast process to modifying the design and cost of your home and guaranteed timeline for construction. Each home on our website is ready for you to make selections to help meet the style, budget and performance to match your needs and budget. Our process puts you in charge of making the selections to your final finishes and color matches through our approved list of vendors.

Each Profile Home plan has been designed by our team for quality, efficiency and sustainability. We created plans that have diverse options for every living style and taste of home and are available for adjustment.

Your experience with our company is to design your home using options selected to create a guaranteed cost and timeline long before any construction is to begin.

Our staff will lead you through the design modification process and coordinate work with selections coordinators to help you achieve the desired results for the look, feel and efficiency of your Profile Home.